Here are some testimonials from previous Moon Sisters and Moon Queens…

detox retreat testimonials For me Moonsisters has been life changing! The cycle tracking for me has been revolutionary, and I finally feel like I am starting to live in harmony with my natural rhythms. It's a long road to change many years of living the opposite way, but it really has been such a game changer to track my cycle, and to begin to understand the different flows of energy through the month, and to feel them directly related to our outer seasons. This knowledge is so precious and should be given to us when we first start to menstruate.

Our cycle is our spiritual heart as women and I feel so inspired to be back in touch with my primary inner knowing for my life which comes from my cycle. I have experienced receiving guidance while bleeding. I feel I have just tasted this a tiny amount and there is so much more to be revealed in that, as I shed layers of years of exhaustion and pushing myself too hard.

Also, where before I would simply 'react' during my pre-menstrual times, I can now see precisely that there is a pattern each month, and the anger and frustration that I feel may be due to my cycle and not necessarily my circumstances! This has helped me so much not take it personally when these feelings occur, and not act out in frustration, instead I'm able to hold myself more and see 'ok, it's Day 18, I always get a surge of anger on this day!' and not create more difficulty than there needs to be!

I have also loved the yoga, the yoga nidra and the womb tendings. I had a powerful experience during my bleed doing the winter womb tending, followed by the winter yoga nidra, and I repeated this for three days straight. On the third day I had the blessed experience of actually feeling inside my yoni for the first time. Contrary to what my mind thought about it I was sending light and cool water up through my yoni to my womb and it felt so healing, and was so palpable that I was so intimately connected to and fully feeling that part of my sacred bowl. The next day in relationship with my partner, I could feel a new found sweetness and innocence in my yoni and womb. My womb felt fresh and open. It was a beautiful feeling to feel this uncomplicated, pure sweetness in my yoni and womb.

Lastly, I want to say how wonderful it is to be led by Nikki. She is a highly skilled and intuitive facilitator, and is able to combine holding us really palpably, but also leaving space for each woman to have complete permission to do what she needs within the groups. This is really precious and a very palpable capacity that Nikki has. I wholeheartedly recommend her Moonsisters work to anyone who feels the call to deepen in their experience of the feminine principle! detox retreat testimonials

Fran A.

Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials I really honour the work Nikki is doing through her self-created Moon Sisters journey. I was in my forties when I stumbled upon this whole new world of menstrual empowerment and our strong cyclical connection with the moon. It felt both new and old at the same time as I became aware of this birthright that had been lost to all of us... I'm so glad I found it when I did.

One of the great joys of being part of Nikki's Moon Sisters journey is being in a circle of women. We had quality time to really listen and learn from one another. It was such a valuable space to support each other and embrace a deeper level of self care and respect.

I really appreciate the way Nikki holds space, she has an innate way of being which honours both the healthy feminine and masculine qualities that are within us all but which have become very out of balance in our culture. Nikki embodies both the feminine flow of the river and the masculine support of the river banks!

I cannot recommend Nikki's Moon Sisters journey highly enough. I came away with new friendships, a deeper understanding of why this birthright has been lost, how we can reconnect with each other and our cyclical nature as women living in this particular time in our collective histories AND many tools for self care, respect and empowerment. detox retreat testimonials


Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials I came to Moon Queen totally at a loss over my menopause, unable to make much sense of what was happening to my body and me - a hitherto reasonably self assured career woman, wife and mother now grappling with little tangible but plenty of confusing information and attitudes towards this change in a woman's life. Nikki's highly professional workshop, which allows women to safely explore menopause in a deep and meaningful way, gave me an opportunity to share with others in an incredibly helpful way for me, and together with Nikki's teachings and insights, I came away with a startlingly powerful sense of self, direction and purpose in the cool, early evening of my life as a woman.
Thank you Nikki, from the bottom of my heart. detox retreat testimonials

Amanda RP.

Moon Queen

detox retreat testimonials I’m getting so much from the course so far!! A reconnection to myself, making more of a friend of myself. Forgiveness, humility, awakening, a deeper knowing, a remembering of my lineage and special place on this earth right now. Going back into my deeper self. Feeling the joy of the female journey in all of its seasons, daily, monthly, yearly and life-long. detox retreat testimonials

Kate B.

Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials I’m getting empowerment from understanding myself much better. Connection to other women and feeling of sisterhood. Ritual/ceremony, which I craved. Connection to the elements and archetypes. …Many changes in my attitude, I’m resting now at moontime and I never did before. By knowing better what to expect I’ve planned my time better.detox retreat testimonials


Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials I’m feeling more confident to take time for myself, & feel supported to make this space for myself in my family life. I feel I’m getting sisterly love and friendship from the course, nourishment, more awareness of myself and my cycles. detox retreat testimonials


Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials My favourite thing in sessions so far is the space that is held to make everyone feel safe and nurtured. This has quickly led to good bonds and support in the circle. A lot better understanding has led to a greater love and honor of my cycle. Less fear and pain. Bleed time is enjoyable. I feel I’m getting love, support, connection. Well considered programme and great resources. detox retreat testimonials


Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials From the course so far I’m getting deeper self awareness, feeling more stillness and so being able to offer care to others that does not deplete me. I am really enjoying having a circle of women to be with on this journey and that it is a closed group to journey with this feels precious. I also feel I am benefiting form your wisdom and trust in your own cycle. I love the way you hold the circle with passion and gentleness and humour.detox retreat testimonials


Moon Sisters

detox retreat testimonials Thanks you very much for Moon Sisters course !!!!!
It is life-changing for me. I found my lost confidence.
I feel more like a woman, and I love it ! detox retreat testimonials

Joanna K.

Moon Sisters