The Moon Sisters Journey Online

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Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Moontime Wisdom for thirteen moons

Womb Yoga

works on many levels to bring you into a closer relationship with your womb, your yoni and the whole pelvic region. Physically, it uses simple postures and movements with the breath to keep the hips and pelvis mobile and flexible and the pelvic organs healthy, and energetically it helps to keep the energy flowing freely in the pelvis, where it can easily stagnate. You’ll learn about the chakras and how to feel the different elements within your body and relate them to the elements outside you. The flowing sequences bring a relationship between the heart, the womb and the earth. Womb Yoga is accessible to all women – you do not need to be especially fit or bendy or to have done yoga before, it is mainly quite gentle.

Dru Yoga

a soft, gentle yoga based on moving energy within the body and finding a still centre. I fell in love with its graceful flowing style, its heart-centred approach, and its use of imagery from nature.

Yoga Nidra

brings the deep relaxation and rest that so many of us lack, and helps us to drop into deeper connection with ourselves, our bodies and intuition.

MoonTime Mysteries

will be the focus of the rest of our time, with sharing circles, information, meditations, ceremony , special guests, movement sessions and crafting. Learn how to connect with the earth, the moon and your womb, to tend your wombspace, to work with the seasons of the cycle to optimize your life and unleash your full potential, to heal any wounds around your cycle, to improve any symptoms of PMS or cramping, and to fully inhabit and honour your body temple.

13 Moons

It’s a deep journey - that’s why we need a whole year! We will be going incrementally and fully embedding each stage, doing just as much or as little as you wish, so that it is a natural progression and not overwhelming. What we can become when we open ourselves to nature is so immense. Learning how to feel and embrace the natural world and to honour our women’s bodies, we can put the goddess back on her throne inside of us. Not only is this life changing for us as individuals, but prophesies even foretell that it’s this resurgance of the healthy feminine that will restore our world to balance.

Deepening the journey

- there will be exercises, explorations and journaling to do each month for those who want to travel deep, and opportunities to connect and support each other online.

What You Can Expect To Receive

  • Womb yoga - gentle postures and breathwork
  • Yoga nidra – the deepest form of relaxation
  • Meditations
  • Sharing circles
  • Nature connection techniques
  • How to connect with the earth, moon, seasons and the elements, and gain support from them
  • How to connect with, clear, and tend the womb space
  • How to work with the seasons of your menstrual cycle each month
  • Basic anatomy
  • Tips for reducing PMS and period pain
  • Eating for balanced hormones
  • How to care for your yoni
  • Menarche ceremony
  • Healing female ancestral lines
  • Connecting with Shakti energy and how to let it flow
  • Working with archetypes – maiden, mother/goddess, enchantress, crone
  • Drum journeys
  • Making an altar
  • Ritual
  • Closed FaceBook group for sisterhood support and sharing between meetings
  • Further reading/sources/resources

Costs vary according to package content, and whether you pay up front or in monthly installments.

There are 2 packages to choose from

Moon Package

A monthly package for 13 moons. You’ll receive a yoga class video, a yoga nidra recording and a womb tending mediation recording each month. There will also be information each month on how to connect with the earth for support, with the moon, and how to work with your menstrual cycle in many different ways (see what you can expect to receive, above).

We build gradually from a foundation of earth connection, gradually building a repertoire of supportive practices to nurture your physical health and your feminine energy. There will be extra suggestions of things to try at home, and suggested further reading for those who want to go deeper.

Moon and Stars package

The content here is the same as the Moon Package, but with the addition of a half hour phone or skype call with Nikki each month, giving you time for an in-depth chat, to ask questions, share your experiences and receive tailored support.

Moon Package
Pay in advance £ 340 Coming Soon
pay in installments £30 now
& 12 monthly installments of
£ 30 Coming Soon
Moon & Stars Package
Pay in advance £ 600 Coming Soon
pay in installments £50 now
& 12 monthly installments of
£ 50 Coming Soon