Moon Queen Course

Empowering Menopause

Following on from the one day introductory workshop (which is a pre-requisite), this 6 month course enables us to dive deeply into menopause on several levels - practical help, emotional/psychological/spiritual framework ,and the support of sharing and sisterhood.

Menopause has the potential to be an empowering, dignified and transformational process in which we can shed that which does not serve us and birth a truer, stronger and more authentic version of ourselves. But to experience it this way, we need information, we need a map, and we need support. Sady that information, map, and support are not readily available out there in the society, and GPs do not generally have the knowledge to help with more than basic tools.

Even with this map and support in place, it can still be an intense and sometimes rocky time - as befits initiation, which involves the death of the former self and is not necessarily meant to be easy. However, the positive framework and shared culture can make all the difference to allow us to go through this in a conscious way, and hold it all with love and compassion in our hearts, and to reap immense rewards and gifts.

We will meet for one day a month and each day will cover a different area of knowledge or experience. We will sometimes invite expert sisters to come and share their knowledge. Some sessions will be more practical and theoretical, and some will be more experiential - for example the yoga, anger work and grief ritual.

Each session includes a time for sharing your own experience and being held in sisterhood.

Content includes

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Venue in Ashburton

Station Yard Studio Station Yard StudioStation Yard Studio

Address: Station Yard Studios,
4 Station Yard,
Chulie Road,
Devon - TQ13 7EF

Directions to Venue

From A38 Devon Expressway

  1. From A38 take the Peartree exit for Ashburton.
  2. Turn RIGHT just after Peartree Petrol station, onto B3352, heading into town
  3. Just after the main T-junction in town, turn RIGHT onto St. Lawrence Lane.
  4. Head straight over the staggered crossroads, onto Chulie Road - towards Tuckers car park.
  5. Before getting to Tuckers par park, take the righthand lane that separates two link-fenced carparks.
  6. The venue is clearly seen from the carpark on your right - big blue double doors (pictured above).

If you get lost ring Nikki on 07541 098 865