Moon Queen

Empowering Menopause

“If we realize that the body event of menopause is connected to a soul event, then it gives more meaning to this transition”

Felicity Green (yoga teacher)

Menopause can be a difficult time in a woman’s life. Physical symptoms such as headaches, weight gain, insomnia and hot flushes, along with emotional symptoms like depression and anxiety, grief and rage, are a lot to deal with. Then there’s the cultural conditioning that leads women to feel they are no longer attractive, over the hill, powerless and suddenly invisible.

Those who seek help from their doctor are likely to be offered HRT or anti-depressants, which ease symptoms but have negative side effects, and also remove many of the gifts of this intense rite of passage.

“I came to Moon Queen totally at a loss over my menopause, unable to make much sense of what was happening to my body and me - a hitherto reasonably self assured career woman, wife and mother now grappling with little tangible but plenty of confusing information and attitudes towards this change in a woman's life.
Nikki's highly professional workshop, which allows women to safely explore menopause in a deep and meaningful way, gave me an opportunity to share with others in an incredibly helpful way for me, and together with Nikki's teachings and insights, I came away with a startlingly powerful sense of self, direction and purpose in the cool, early evening of my life as a woman.
Thank you Nikki, from the bottom of my heart. ”

Amanda RP (Marketting Manager)

So what if we had a different cultural framework? What if we’d been told that this life stage is a powerful, healing initiation? A chance to review life and consciously choose what to carry forward into our Autumn years – the rich years of the Moon Queen, when we step fully into our power, find our life mission, and turn our energies to serving our community?

The one day Moon Queen introductory workshop provides a map menopause, reframing it as a profound initiation.

Following on from the one day introductory workshop (which is a pre-requisite), the 6 month Moon Queen Course enables us to dive deeply into menopause on several levels - practical help, emotional/psychological/spiritual framework, and the support of sharing and sisterhood, guiding women through the major themes of loss, grief, anger, sexuality, health and nutrition, herbs and ritual.

Moon Queen Day
Moon Queen Course