The Moon Sisters Journey in Devon

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Moon Sisters 2020 - now taking bookings.

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A Nine-Moon Initiation Journey into Sacred Womanhood

Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Moontime Wisdom

Join me in this journey into the women’s mysteries with gentle Womb Yoga, menstrual empowerment, Moon Lodge wisdom, nature connection and deep relaxation.

This 9 moons long journey for a group of women will be a friendly, intimate, relaxed way for us to gather and delve deeply into the wisdom of the womb. It’s an honour and delight for me to be offering out these treasures that I’ve collected over the last few years (read more about my moon journey here).

Outline : We’ll be meeting for one Saturday a month, and three weekends at the end. Each time we’ll create sacred space, then explore womb yoga, followed by a luxurious deep relaxation/yoga nidra. We’ll also go into Moon Wisdom, sharing the feminine mysteries.

There will be a Moon Manual to work from between sessions for those who want to explore in depth, a closed FaceBook group in which you can share your experiences and keep in touch, and I’ll also be sending you videos and emails to support and inspire you.

IMPORTANT : This course is for women who are cycling (regularly or not). This is a closed group and women are asked to commit to the whole 9 months.

Womb Yoga works on many levels to bring you into a closer relationship with your womb, your yoni and the whole pelvic region. Physically, it uses simple postures and movements with the breath to keep the hips and pelvis mobile and flexible and the pelvic organs healthy, and energetically it helps to keep the energy flowing freely in the pelvis, where it can easily stagnate. You’ll learn about the chakras and how to feel the different elements within your body and relate them to the elements outside you. The flowing sequences bring a relationship between the heart, the womb and the earth. Womb Yoga is accessible to all women – you do not need to be especially fit or bendy or to have done yoga before, it is mainly quite gentle.

Dru Yoga is a soft, gentle yoga based on moving energy within the body and finding a still centre. I fell in love with its graceful flowing style, its heart-centred approach, and its use of imagery from nature.

Yoga Nidra brings the deep relaxation and rest that so many of us lack, and helps us to drop into deeper connection with ourselves, our bodies and intuition.

Womb Meditations (inspired by Tami Lynne Kent) womb meditations teach us presence in the pelvic bowl, allow us to clear energies, support ourselves, and nurture our creative flow, as well as enhancing physical and menstrual health.

MoonTime Mysteries will be the focus of the rest of our time, with sharing circles, information, meditations, ceremony , expert speakers, movement sessions and crafting. Learn how to connect with the earth, the moon and your womb, to tend your wombspace, to work with the seasons of the cycle to optimize your life and unleash your full potential, to heal any wounds around your cycle, to improve any symptoms of PMS or cramping, and to fully inhabit and honour your body temple.

9 Moons : It’s a deep journey - that’s why we need a whole 9 months ! We will be going incrementally and fully embedding each stage, doing just as much or as little as you wish, so that it is a natural progression and not overwhelming. What we can become when we open ourselves to nature is so immense. Learning how to feel and embrace the natural world and to honour our women’s bodies, we can put the goddess back on her throne inside of us. Not only is this life changing for us as individuals, but prophesies even foretell that it’s this resurgance of the healthy feminine that will restore our world to balance.

What You Can Expect To Receive

What We Ask From You :


We ask for commitment to the whole 9 months. It is important, for the sake of the container, to attend all sessions.

If you miss a session, your payment will still be required, as we still have to meet all the costs of the venue, facilitators, gifts, transport etc. which have been calculated based on a certain number of participants.

If you do have to miss one (we know life sometimes intervenes, despite our best intentions), you will have the notes and recordings to help you catch up and will be offered a call/skype with Nikki to cover everything and check in.


Thirteen sessions, over nine months, from April to November 2020.

Full payment £975 (£75 per session), paid in monthly installments of £108


Full payment in advance - £900 (saving equivalent to one session free)

Concessions by arrangement


Saturdays 9.30am to 5.30pm
June 13th July 11th August 1st
Weekends - 9.30am to 5.30pm
August 22nd and 23rd September 12th and 13th October 3th and 4th October 31st & Nov 1st November 28th & 29th


Scoritton Village Hall, near Totnes

Scoritton Scoritton