About Nikki Chambers and Earth Sky Yoga

I’ve been studying yoga and meditation since the 1980s, and I’m also informed by a background in Deep Nature Connection (I worked in education outdoors, wild literacy, and as part of Eden Project’s education team for a decade) and by learning from indigenous Mexica teachers from North America. I’m resident yoga teacher at Sura Detox Retreats, hold two Yoga teacher qualifications, and am fully insured.

I started practising Hatha and Iyengar yoga, and later Dru Yoga.

From this I developed ‘Earth Sky Yoga’, a nature-connected form of yoga with nurturing asana (posture work) and flowing sequences to connect with nature, work with the elements, attune to the seasons and learn how to tap into the energies around us, honouring earth, fire, water, and air in our body prayer.

Nikki and yogis

I love the way we can use yoga to tap into the natural energies around us, of the sun, the moon, the earth ,air and water. Yoga helps us to become more present in our bodies and senses . We practice paying attention , noticing what is happening in body, mind and emotions, dropping into deeper brainwave states as we deepen our breath. To feel deeply connected to nature, you also need to be present in your body, present to your senses, pay attention to what's around you, and drop into the theta brainwave state. No wonder yoga and nature connection go so well together.

Adding to this nature-connected form, I began to focus on a more feminine form of yoga that was soft and based on presence, running classes just for women.

Womb Yoga is my latest love, and fit perfectly into what I was doing. It’s a gentle practice to help women nourish ourselves, at each stage of our menstrual cycle and our life. Postures, sequences, pranayama, and mudra to help us connect the heart and womb and honour Shakti. It’s elemental nature and flavour of presence, nurture and sisterhood led me to immerse myself deeply.

I wnet on to develop for each element, each stage of the menstrual cycle, and for menopause.

Uma Dinsmore Tuli, the originator of Womb Yoga, talks about the practice

Meanwhile on the Red Road of Native American teachings I was learning about Moontime practices and Earth connection. These discoveries were life changing, and I feel so blessed to have discovered them whilst still cycling.

I’d like to acknowledge many other sources of inspiration along the way including …

Miranda Grey, Alexandra Pope, Lara Owen, and Jane Hardwick-Collins.

John Young - of 8 Shields

Moon Sisters brings all of these treasures together in one place…..

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