Singing to Water

‘Singing to Water’ invites people to gather on the 11th of each month at 11am, to take care of our sacred waters and give them our love and appreciation, through song, poems and offerings..

Bringing our attention to the beauty and wisdom of water as it travels our world, renewing, revitalizing, and supporting all life so generously. Listening to what water has to say.

Let’s come together and sing our love and appreciation!


Meet at the big tree in the car park by Park School, Dartington Estate at 11am.

From there we will walk through the woods to the river, turning left and gathering somewhere along the riverbank.

This event is free.

The car park charges 50p for one hour, £1 for four hours, £3 for any length stay from 9am to 6pm.

We will sing a few simple songs together as a group, and there will also be chance to offer individual songs or poems. NB You do not need to be a ‘singer’!

Children very welcome (but if your child becomes disruptive to hearing the songs, please distract them or take them a little further away to let off steam).


An open heart, and your souls’ love for the world.

An offering for the waters – flowers, seeds or other natural offering.

A song, a poem.

Maybe a drum, a rattle or an instrument.

A small container to take some water home for your altar, to speak and sing to between gatherings.

Drinking water.

Snacks to share.

A towel if you fancy a dip.


11th of each month


‘Maybe the significance of climate change is not ‘change or perish',
but an INITIATION to re-orient civilization towards beauty’
‘We need to shift the narrative to life, love, place and participation’

(Quotes taken from ‘Climate. A New Story’ by Charles Eisenstein).