Moon Sisters is going into hibernation for the Winter.

Following a deep need to honour my menopause, I will be ‘out of service’ from December 2018 until Spring 2019, to rest and restore.

I imagine I will also be incubating all sorts of juicy new offerings, for when I re-emerge!

If you wish to be on the interest list and be the first to hear when we resume, please email me with the course name and your contact details.

I will still be checking email from time to time.

Moon Sisters Mission Statement

Nikkis Womb Yoga

Hello, my name is Nikki Chambers

I am passionate about empowering women, by bringing the feminine mysteries back into common knowledge, so that every woman knows how to flow with the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the seasons of the year – unwrapping her innate mystery and magic.

In fact, I see this as our birthright, to be handed to each girl as she steps into womanhood.

For me this knowledge is underpinned by a wider relationship to nature and with the elements, learning how to build relationship with them and bring them into our daily life to guide and support our feminine energy.

All that I bring is inspired by indigenous and soulful ways of living, by years of nature connection work and learning from menstrual cycle awareness.

This women’s work is nested in a wider longing for a return to soulful, connected, indigenous ways of living, in loving harmony with Life, Earth and all living beings. How society treats the feminine, is very much reflected in the way it treats the earth. Reconnecting both women and men to the feminine principle is part of the journey back to balance, to restoring healthy human communities.

What I offer :